Nepal harbors more that 385 species of orchids. Extensive study is still lacking. I have recently compiled the complete list of orchids from nepal which includes 388 species in 99 genera. I used Hara et al. (1978), Rajbhandari & Dahal (2004), Shakya & Shrestha (2007), Shrestha et al. (2007) as a literature. Along with this, i have visisted Royal Botanical Garden, Kew for one week. I spend wonderful days in Kew. Great help from Prof. J.J.Wood is highly appreciable. From these all, i could update the list of orchids of Nepal. Out of these, 11 species are endemic to Nepal. These species are:
(1) Bulbophyllum ambrosia subsp. nepalensis J.J.Wood
(2) Eria baniaii Bajracharya, Shakya & Chettri
(3) Eria nepalensis D.M.Bajracharya & K.K.Shrestha
(4) Eria pokharensis Bajracharya, Subedi & Shrestha
(5) Liparis olivacea Lindl.
(6) Neottia nepalensis N.P.Balakr.) Szlach.
(7) Malaxis monophyllos var. obtusa H.Tsukaya & H.Ohba
(8) Malaxis tamurensis Tuyama
(9) Oberonia nepalensis Shakya & R.P.Chaudhary
(10) Oreorchis pporphyranthes Tuyama
(11) Pleione coronaria Cribb & C.Z.Tang
Picture Below is the Herbarium photo of Oberonia nepalensis which i have collected from Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur area.

Me at Royal Botanical Garden, Herbarium section, Looking Herbaria from Nepal.

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