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News published on 10.10.2012

News published on 24.06.2012
Orchid poachers are using different techniques for poaching orchids. Recently police from Kavre district of Nepal raided a vehicle which was carrying orchids in a sealed drum. The drums are normally used to carry oil/Kerosene. The news was published in Kantipur national daily on 24.06.2012.

News published on 29.04.2011

Metropolitan Police Circle, Boudha in Kathmandu arrested Mr. Hishi Bajracharya of Kathmandu-16 who stored huge quality of orchid in a rented house in Attarkhel, Jorpati. He has stored 178 sacks of orchids for smuggling via Nepal-China border.
Orchids have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Orchids are sold in a chinese market for up to Rs. 3,000 depending up on the quality.
Orchid species are ban for collection and trade. However smuggling of this species from Nepal to India and China is not a new story. The species have been listed in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in 1975, which bans possession and smuggling of the flower. In Nepal, more than 450 species of orchids are found of which around 82 are of medicinal use.
Published in THE HIMALAYAN TIMES on 29.04.2011. Click HERE for original news.

Same news was published in KANTIPUR NATIONAL DAILY on 01.05.2011 (Click HERE OR HERE for original news)