About Me

I am from one of the most famous and beautiful cities of Nepal, Pokhara. Born in Sardikhola VDC, Kaski district, I spent my childhood in a village. The village lies 17 Km north of Pokhara valley and is now a tourist attraction for rainbow trout fish farming and hot water spring. I spent some years of schooling in the village and later moved to Pokhara city in 1990. Picture below is my village during clear sky:

Picture below is the house where I spent my childhood (this photo is captured 18 years after we left this house).
Pokhara lied about 200 km west of the capital, Kathmandu and is popularly known as the city of seven lakes (many beautiful lakes are found).  This city is also the end point for the famous Annapurna Circuit trek and the starting point for a dozen more treks through the mountains of the Annapurna range. I graduated from high school in 1992 and upper high school in 1994. After completing higher secondary school, i went to capital city to contiune further studies. I completed BSc from Amrit Science Campus and MSc from Central Department of Botany, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. During my masters, i did my research in Pisang, Manang. The title of the research is "Post Fire Natural Regeneration of Dominant Tree Species in Pisang Forest Manang, Nepal”. During this period, I got chance to visit high altitude of Nepal and part of famous Annapurna circuit. This research was a part of a big project: "Local Effects of the Global Changes in the Himalayas" and funded by Norwegian Research Council.
In 2006, I got opportunity for MSc studies in University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway. During my studies in Bergen, I worked with Orchids from Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Since August 2010, I am enrolled for PhD studies  and this time I will not be working with orchids however I will keep my eyes open to see studies on orchids. 

Through this blog, I am trying to collect information on orchids from Nepal. This can be a platform where researchers from different corners of the world can share ideas and information on orchids especially from Nepal.

My publications on orchids:
3. Acharya KP, OR Vetaas and HJB Birks (2011) Orchid species richness along Himalayan elevation gradient. Journal of Biogeography, 38(9):1821-1833.
2. Acharya KP and MB Rokaya (2010) Medicinal orchids of Nepal: Are they well protected? Our Nature, 8, 82-91.
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