Around 40 species of orchids are ornamental species. If you are interested in studying orchids from Nepal, this information will be fruitful to you. You can manage your time when you know the flowering time of these orchids. Flowering time of the species are mentioned in parenthesis.
Ornamental orchids are:
Aerides multiflora Roxb. (June-July)
A. odorata Lour. (July-August)
Ascocentrum ampullaceum (Roxb.) Schltr.(June-July)
Arundina graminifolia (D.Don) Hochr. (August-October)
Bulbophyllum leopardianum (Wall.) Lindl. in N.Wallich, Numer (June)
Calanthe sylvatica (Thouars) Lindl. (July-September)
C. plantaginea Lindl. (March-April)
C. tricarinata Lindl. (April-May)
Coelogyne cristata Lindl. (March-April)
C. corymbosa Lindl. (March-April)
C. ovalis Lindl. (September-October)
Cymbidium devonianum Pantox(June)
Cymbidium eburneum Lindl. (March-April)
Cymbidium longifolium D.Don(September-November)
C. iridioides D.Don (September-November)
C. hookerianum Rchb.f. (April-June)
C. lancifolium (July-August)
Dendrobium amoenum (April-May)
D. candidum (May)
D. chrysanthum (June)
D. crepodatum (April-May)
D. densiflorum (April-May)
D. formosum (May-June)
D. heterpcarpum (March-April)
D. longicornu (October-Movember)
D. moschatum (June-July)
D. nobile ((April.May)
Epigeneium amplum (September-November)
Eria coronaria (October-November)
Eameralda clarkei (October-November)
Phaius takervilleae (June-July)
Phalaenopsis mannii (April-May)
Pleione humilis (February-March)
P. praecox (October-November)
Rhynchostylis retusa (May-June)
Trudelia cristata (March-May)
Vanda tessellata (June-August)
Vandopsis undulata (March-April)

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