Nepal being situated at the crossroad of the Himalaya provides a congenial climate for the growth of orchids. The country harbours more than 400 species of wild orchids and has been centre of research. Every year large number of orchid hunters and tourists visit Nepal and get fascinated by this interesting group of plant. However, very few researchers from Nepal are working on orchids and its diversity. Majority of the work are focused on exploration as Nepal is still less explored in terms of flora. In this section, I am trying to compile information on some noticeable books published on orchids from Nepal.
1. Orchids of Nepal by M.L. Banerji. The book was published in 1978 by Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh Publications, Dehradun, India. This book should be the first book published on orchids from Nepal. It contains information on wild orchids (200 orchid species and 54 drawings) collected from Nepal during different expeditions.
2. The Orchids of Nepal Himalaya by ML Banerji and P Pradhan. The book was published in 1984. It contains information on around 250 species with drawings. The publication is based on all the specimens housed in herbaria and botanical surveys.
3. Wild Orchids in Nepal by K White and B Sharma. The book was published in 2000. The book contains information on about 150 species with photographs. This book is based on orchids collected from Tribhuvan Rajpath (highway connecting the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu and Hetuada) where authors collected orchids during different years.
4. Beautiful Orchids of Nepal by KR Rajbhandari and S Bhattarai. The book is published in 2001 and contains information on 101 species of orchids found wild in Nepal. Information on flowering time, distribution in the world and habitat in Nepal is provided with currently accepted scientific name. The colour photograph of each species is provided such that non-taxonomists can also enjoy beautiful orchids.
5. Nepali Orchids in Pictures by René de Milleville and TB Shrestha. The book is published in 2004 by Malla Prakashan, Kathmandu, Nepal. This book provides information on 140 indigenous species and varieties of orchids in Nepal, including information on the blooming seasons of each and the altitudes and temperatures that they can be found at. While the tables and details may appeal more to botanists and conservationists, the some 250 colour photographs of these beautiful flowers that follow are enough to enchant even the most casual of floral fanciers.
6. The Orchids of Nepal by Bhakta B Raskoti. The book is published in 2009 and provides information on 300+ species with colour photographs. This is the book with information on more than 300 species of orchids from Nepal.
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