Orchid species richness along Himalayan elevation gradients

I am very happy to share that one of my publication on orchids from Nepal and Bhutan is published in a journal, Journal of Biogeography. Ohh.... it took nearly 18 months to get published on line after we submitted. Although i might have done very little than my co-authors, its the first experience of publishing an article in a high impact factor journal. I want to thank all those who have supported during the study.
Main conclusion of the paper is: This study shows that climatic variables (temperature and precipitation) provide a good potential explanation for orchid species richness along the Himalayan elevational gradient, even when the effect of area is considered. The principal elevational peak in richness of central and eastern Himalayan endemics was consistent with the peak in total orchid richness, but maximum terrestrial endemic richness occurred at higher elevations.
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