There are few studies on orchids from low-land of Nepal. One article is recently published by Traxmandloá et. al. in a book: Himalayan Biodiversity in the Changing World. The book is edited by Pavel Kindlmann and published by Springer Publication in September 2011.
The authors conducted study in Chitwan National Park (CNP), Barandabhar Corridor Forest (BFC), the Mahabharat Range (MR). The orchids in the trees, on the rocks, and on the ground were recorded along a total of 200 line transects: 40 in BFC, 105 in CNP, and 55 in MR. They studies association between different tree species and orchids in those regions. Click here to read details of this article.

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Jonah Winn-Lenetsky said...

Your blog is really informative. I actually don't know a lot about Napalese orchids. I have a lot of pictures of orchids growing in situ here in Panama on my blog.


and pictures of other orchids from central America on my other blog.