Nepal is endowed with rich Orchid flora due to wide topographic variation and climatic conditions. Every year new species of orchids are reported from Nepal. This shows the need of detail exploration. Flora Nepal Project is undergoing and hopefully that will cover major regions of Nepal and will available soon. Regarding the number of orchids found in Nepal, different authors mentioned different figures. For example, Press et al (2000) in Annotated Checklist of the Flowering Plants of Nepal mentioned 89 genera and 323 species. Rajbhandari and Bhattarai (2001) in Beautiful Orchids of Nepal mentioned 97 genera and 363 species. Rajbhandari and Dahal (2004) in Orchids of Nepal: A Checklist mentioned 100 genera and 377 species and Rastogi (2009) in The Orchids of Nepal mentioned the number to be 102 genus and 388 species. This shows more recent the publication, higher the number of orchids. However, some authors mentioned synonyms in their publication.
I complied total number of orchids found in Nepal with the help of many literature. The total number of orchids found in Nepal is 494 (this includes 456 species, 30 varieties, 6 subspecies and 2 forma). These species fall within 104 genus.
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Spiranthes spiralis (L.) Chevall

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