Bulbophyllum nepalense Raskoti & Ale (Orchidaceae) – a new species from Nepal

Bulbophyllum nepalense Raskoti & Ale was for the first time reported from Nepal by BB Raskoti and R Ale. The new species was collected from Shivapuri National Park, Kathmandu at an altitude of 2300 m asl.  Description on this species is published in a journal, Edinburgh Journal of Botany in 2013.
The newly reported species is similar to B. retusiusculum Rchb. f., with which it shares the oblong dorsal sepal, the elliptic petals and the oblong decurved ligulate lip but differs in having narrow pseudobulbs, the falcate, acute-acuminate lateral sepals, and two strips of papillae or short hairs on the adaxial side of the lip, close to the margins.
The new species is also somewhat similar to B. tigridum in petals and lip shape but the later differs from the new species in having short pseudobulbs, ovate dorsal sepals and lip apex with hyaline upturned protuberance.

Raskoti, BR and R Ale (2013) A new species of Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae) from Nepal, Edinburgh Journal of Botany, 70 (2): 381.384. LINK

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