NEPALI ORCHIDS IN PICTURES: a book by Rene De Milleville & T.B. Shrestha

A book entitled "NEPAL ORCHIDS IN PICTURES" by Rene De Milleville & T.B. Shrestha is an informative book for people interested in Orchids and specially nepali orchids. This book is published in 2004. It includes pictures of 140 Species and Varieties.

"Trekking in Nepal has always been a rewarding experience to all visitors because of the Himalayan diversity in nature, and nothing can Marvell flowers in depicting the diversity. This picture book on orchids has thus resulted as an outcome of intensive trekking and travelling experiences of Rene de Milleville. The book has attempted to capture most of the orchid flowers that are commonly met with during simple trekkings in Nepalese Terrain. All pictures are those of protophytic species either growing naturally in the wild or grown directly from wild collection. Artificially bred species or hybrids are not included in the 140 species and varieties presented in the book. The pictures are arranged in an alphabetical sequence of Latin names in order to express species richness in a genus. Some genus like Dendrobium has a large share of 32 pictures representing 23 species. Among other genera, the Bulbophyllum (17 Sps.), Cymbidium (12 Sps.) and Coelogyne (8 Sps.) are widely covered in the book. The highest altitudinal record of photographs in the book is that from the Everest region at 4,200 m for a pretty ground orchid Galearis Spathulata. The pattern of altitudinal distribution and flowering period is duly illustrated to determine appropriate season for a given range of altitude."
The book costs $92.60.

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