The Paphiopedilum rothschildianum has been nominated as Sabah's official orchid after getting the highest number of votes from the public at the Borneo Orchid Show 2007 at Anjung Perdana, Tanjung Aru, Sunday. Borneo Orchid Society Sabah (Boss) President, Datuk CL Chan, announced this at an appreciation dinner where he also presented an album of the 20 candidate orchids to guest-of-honour Mayor Datuk Iliyas Ibrahim.

The nominated orchid would have to go through the process of endorsement by the State Government and the Chief Minister before it is made official. A rare species, Paphiopedilum rothschildianum is known as the aristocrat of the slipper orchids and endemic to Sabah, winning many awards worldwide. Among the notable features of this particular species are its petals which are spread out and resembles a Dusun doing the Sumazau traditional dance. According to Chan, the slipper orchids received 283 out of 1,047 votes, with Phalaenopsis amabilis, which is the KK City Flower (bottom left) coming in second with 114 and Coelogyne pandurata (below) getting the third highest votes with 111. There were two spoilt votes - one of them voted an orchid species from Sarawak.

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